Principle: a superimposing scales containing only one double-graduation.

Directions for use: conversion functions in two directions, euros towards francs and francs towards euros.

The color in which places itself the figure of the unities of a number to convert is identical to the color of the unities of the converted number.

by using colors opposite:

To convert 1 euro to francs:
1,00 euro is in the green column, result in francs is in the green column of francs, graduations approximately indicate 6,55 F (the definitive rate of convertion is 6,55957 francs for 1 euro).

To convert 10 euros to francs:
the 0 of the unities of 10 being in the pink column, result is in the pink column on the side from francs, between 60 and 70:
10 euros = 65,5 francs approximately.

To convert 100 euros to francs:
the 0 of the unities of 100 being in the yellow column, result is in the yellow column on the side from francs:
100 euros = 655 francs approximately.

To convert 500 francs to euros:
the 0 of the unities of 500 being in the yellow column, result is in the yellow column euros side, one can read:
500 francs = 76,3 euros approximately.

Preciseness is at least three digits, the error of reading is about 1/100 at the top in about 2/1000 in the bottom of the small rule .
Preciseness is related to the quality of the realization of graduations.

   The small rule is not intended to replace a pocket calculator of conversion when preciseness in 5 decimals and roundness are necessary for the establishment of documents as invoices.
   It is above all an object of COMMUNICATION having a good image at the same time thanks to its attractive presentation provied by colors and especially thanks to its utility.
   Just like a logo, a small rule of conversion, which can be in the colors of the company, can serve of emblem, mark, of recognition of the company which has the exclusivity of it and which uses it in its image, in its publicity ( posters, television, signboards, newspapers, leaflets, paper with heading, smart cards, envelopes of mail... ).

   In an advertising action, the publicity carried by the small rule is neither undergone nor seen as an aggression, it is carrying a positive image because it has as support an useful object intended to help via the small rule provided free by the advertiser.
   Towards the customers being able to be set against the arrival of the euro, the advertiser does not have to take party, it gets for his customers a tool to surmount a "difficulty". Moreover, the diffuser can boast of offering the image of a company able to adapt himself and to innovate.
   It is possible to register on the small rule works of art, portraits of celebrities, of artists, sportmen..."celebrities" to induce the desire for collection of small rules supporting the diffusion of a particular product or a message.

   It is foreseen that a shape of small rule intended for blind men in which inscriptions are relief and funds replacing the various colors are identifiable in the touch.

This converter don't enter in the field of the regulation EC n1103/97 of june 17,1997 published in Official Newspaper of 12/16/98 which prohibit the manufacture and the sale of some pocket electronic calculators comprising euros conversion.

Advantages of this small rule:
- can be registered in little space with precision,
- can be registered on a own support as a small conversion rule or on any support intended for another use:
   - printed works (books, newspapers...),
   - headed notepaper,
   - various packing products, food or others,
   - plastic bags for the transport of purchases,
   - tee-shirts,
   - handle of supermarket caddies,
   - smart cards,
   - moving telephones,
   - calendars (of pocket or mural),
   - in sticker version, can be positioned with its cho //