Treatment of a locust (false acacia) against aphids

F day
If we do not intervene, all these leaves will friper and dry, this branch will wither; It's the only one
of this little acacia which is overrun with aphids.

Here too, the treatment is applied by spraying the product on some leaves of the bottom at the plant.
This is enough for the whole plant to fight the aggression of aphids.

Here too, the destruction of aphids by the plant's natural defenses begins only after a few days after spraying.
From F + 6 there has been a sharp decrease in the number of aphids.
No more aphids on this branch or another branch.

The sap fully reaches the leaves and branches that begin to straighten back.

The efficacy of treatment persists until the end of the season, another anti-aphid treatment will be unnecessary.

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