Treatment of a tomato plant against whiteflies:

whiteflies F Day Whiteflies are hiding under the leaves and suck sap.

Which, of course, weakens the plant.

They can also spread diseases with their stings.

The most heavily infested leaves are warped up with parching.
whiteflies F+2 whiteflies F+4
whiteflies F+5 whiteflies F+10
whiteflies F+14
Whiteflies have started to move from under the leaves to the upper side.
And now they are all dead, wings spread apart. You can nudge them, nothing moves.
Each whitefly can no longer move nor eat.
And, these at least, will not have the possibility of reproducing.
Problem solved.

F + 80 no visible whiteflies on or under leaves.
F + 104 no whitefly, and not to return until the end of culture.

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