Treatment of a cypress against mealybugs

Located in clusters of waxy, filamentous, the eggs will soon provide larval and adult mealybugs, especially in females.
With the help and protection of ants, they will only need a few days
to settle down and thrive.

Many mealybugs are there on the day of treatment which is performed with spraying
on the bottom of the tree. .
It should be noted that the product is not an insecticide, it has no direct action on the insects,
but it triggers the plant's natural defenses.

The number of the mealybugs gets bigger.

As for the other treated plants and for all the bio-aggressors fought, the plant needs
a few days to react, to prepare its natural defenses then it springs them into action suddenly
by destroying the targeted pest relatively quickly.

The mealybugs were 100% elliminated by the plant.

The visible white spots are only remnants of the mealybugs passing.

From now on, the plant is protected against these pests throughout the rest of the season.

From one photo to the next, we see the increase in the numbers and the size of the mealybugs.
And suddenly at F + 11 we see a sharp decrease in the numbers of these bio-aggressors.
There are no new white clusters so no breeding or eggs' hatching in progress.

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