Treatment of an oleander against aphids:
( Aphis nerii (yellow) which like to feast upon oleander
and an unidentified black aphid)

aphids F Day
aphid F Day
just after treatment.
aphidsF+1 aphidF+2
aphidsF+4 aphidF+5
aphidsF+6 aphidF+7
aphidsF+9 aphidF+10
For several days the leaves are almost completely cleared of pests.
These are soft zones, fleshy, like the young leaves and buds
which have still difficulty resisting the infestation for now.

Little rain this morning, very light, no visible impact.

aphidsF+20 aphidF+22

Clear decrease in numbers of pests after about 4 days.
Today it is very visible on the buds.
Goodbye Aphis nerii, good riddance.
Hello this new bouquet of neat flowers buds.
The numerous black spots on the flowers and on some leaves are dry and dead aphids.
To each kind its own reaction, the yellow ones fell and disappeared,
many blacks ones remain stuck by their stylets and well hooked;
the plant fibers have clamped them.
They are actual actions from natural plant defenses.

Here too we see a lot of cast skins, remnants of the previous molts.
New flowers arrive without pests this time.

Compared with other measures, it appears that the plant has taken a relatively long time before
completely overcoming the aphids.
One can question the production and the application of the treatment product
and he should have added a wetting agent promoting absorpsion like black soap
but not to distort the observation, no product has been added.

Hereafter, there will not be any subsequent test on the oleander, as neighboring plants have been
preventively treated, no aphid are any longer visible to account for another treatment.

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