Treatment of an aspen against aphids:

The reaction of the tree and the effect on aphids seem to be slow but effective. Until F+35 where ants seem to strive to restore their livestock's breeding.

They disperse, although surviving difficultly, because there is no metamorphosis into adults.

F+39 : second spray with a different formulation, which solves the problem.

It be confirmed that when the species to fight is not ascertained, it is better to combine several compound formulae of the product in the same process to reach success.

Aphids F day
Just after the spraying.
Aphid F+3
Aphids F+9 Aphid F+14
Aphids F+21 Aphid F+27
Aphids F+34 Aphid F+39
and F day

F+39 -- 2nd spray with another composition
Aphids F+42
and F+3
Aphid F+43
and F+4
Aphids F+44
and F+5
Aphid F+45
and F+6
Aphids F+46
and F+7
Aphid F+47
and F+8
Aphids F+48
and F+9
Aphid F+49
and F+10
No more aphids.
There remain some other larvae on the leaves, their numbers are sharply declining and there are no adults still alive.
Even here the ants are not interested, there remains no aphids or honeydew.
Aphids F+52
and F+13

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