Treatment of an apple tree against lace bugs:

tigers F day
Damage done on top of a leaf which was originally completely green.
tiger F day
A lace bug is small, but what a pest!
tigers F day
Lace bugs are hidden under the leaves they are feasting from.
tigerF day
Under the adjacent leaf.
tigers F+2 tiger F+4
tigers F+6 lace bugs F+7
tigers F+8

Adults bugs have disappeared from F+4 and everything seems still.

lace bug F+11
No tiger busy.

Seen with a magnifying glass, there are two dried alive lace bugs, which most likely starved to death...
The spots are dried eggs and droppings.
lace bugs F+11

And the subsequent days will tell us if the cells emptied of their chlorophyll turn back to a green hue.
Anyway, the other leaves are saved and protected from lace bugs.

A sequel.

F+56 we can only note that the heavily attacked leaves are slowly drying.

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