Some summarized advantages of the new treatment product:

- the destruction of the targeted pest is 100% effective,
- pests can thus hardly be vectors of diseases transmitted from diseased plants to healthy plants,
- it is useless to hit the pest with the product, spraying it on some leaves of the plant is enough, it's particularly useful for tall trees,
- the product acts like a vaccination of the plant against a targeted pest, targeted by the nature of the product,
- a single treatment in the year, the action of the product remains active,
- the destruction of the target pest being total, there are no succeeding generations coming from this sector of culture,
- there is no habituation or mutation for the pests nor resistant generations occurence,
- the treatment can be curative or preventive,
- no efficiency exception for dozens of different trials on different pests and plants over a four-year period,
- no impairment,without attack to biodiversity since only the targeted pests are destroyed,
- absolutely no risk for bees, ladybugs, lacewings and other beneficial insects even by spraying the product on them or on flowers,
- the product does not contain any pesticides, there is no harmful product dispersed in nature,
- the manufacturing of the product being simple, its cost will be reasonable.
- the product is GMOs-free,
- the product is similar to an elicitor but with 100% efficiency in the destruction of the targeted pest and with a single application in the year.

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