= The product contains at least one natural inhibiting substance, identical to that which bioaggressors, in particular aphids, inject, thanks to their saliva, into the host plant and which inhibits the natural defenses of this plant.
In the product, the saliva of the pest and therefore this substance, contained in the saliva of the pest, is inactivated by heating.
When the plant receives the product, it triggers or develops natural defenses that allow it to completely eliminate these bioaggressors in a few days. One can compare the introduction of the inactivated inhibiting substance in the plant to "a kind of vaccination" with inactivated germs for a human or another vertebrate, vaccination with a "mild" product that does not contain any suspicious or dangerous additives for humans, local fauna or flora.
The product can be considered organic, biodegradable, so it should also be usable near sensitive places such as hospitals and schools.
After having identified the most virulent and troublesome bioaggressors, by type of crop and for each region, it is possible to propose a mixture of inactivated inhibiting substances for preventive treatment at the start of the season, for gardens and for field crops.
This new treatment is done by ONE spray only on a few leaves, the plant then manages to fight alone against the species or species of targeted biting-sucking bioaggressors and it does it very well when we have helped it to launch its natural defenses.
since these bioaggressors are 100% destroyed by the host plant, especially by the production of callose and/or lignin, which also allows it to capture these bioaggressors which can no longer feed or move.

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